Increased competition is driving down prices of tires and other rubber products. With margins squeezed, manufacturers are looking harder for efficiency gains.

Machine utilization is one area to explore. Another is the cost of tire machine maintenance. Resources are finite, though, and budgets stretched thin. Production runs are shorter and changeovers more frequent. Energy efficiency is a concern and environmental performance is under scrutiny. In the tire and rubber industry, manufacturing efficiency has to improve – so where should you start?

The answer is to make existing assets work harder and reduce unscheduled downtime that cuts into overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Tire and rubber industrial maintenance services can help you make these changes while continuing to focus on core process quality.

Bringing specialist skills and experience to bear

Mixing, molding, calendaring and curing are at the heart of most tire and rubber manufacturing. They’re capital and energy-intensive processes – and if they’re not making product, the business isn’t making money. Availability, uptime and OEE are key metrics and an efficient industrial maintenance strategy is key to moving them in the right direction. However, maintaining aging tire and rubber machinery is complicated. Staying on top of breakdowns and finding time for preventative maintenance (PM) can eat up hours of management time.

ATS understands these complexities. As experts in industrial maintenance and MRO asset management for over three decades, we provide plant maintenance services for tire and rubber manufacturers that help reduce breakdown frequencies and raise OEE. When ATS shoulders the maintenance burden at your facility, your team can focus on running and growing the business. Suddenly there’s time to set up improvement programs, look for cost-saving opportunities and find other ways to improve efficiency.

It takes a broad skill set to keep tire manufacturing equipment running at peak efficiency, especially with the current skills gap and automation introducing complex new technologies. The highly trained technicians at ATS have the skills needed. They’re able to diagnose and fix problems quickly and execute individualized reliability programs to reduce your downtime frequency, providing a tangible ROI in for your operation.

ATS takes the pain out of plant maintenance

Maintenance doesn’t have to be an afterthought in your tire and rubber production facilities. Equipment is complex and aging and there’s pressure to improve efficiency and maximize output. With tire and rubber industrial maintenance solutions from ATS, we can be your plant maintenance expert and put a customized plan together to improve your OEE and reduce your bottom line.